March 21, 2012

Just when I start feeling comfortable in a new place, I’m reminded that I’m new.

Matt: Hey, Nate? Hi, I’m Matt.

Nathan: Hey, how’s it going?

Matt: Good. Do you have a minute? I wanted to bring you up to speed on the Coke project we’re working on together.

Nathan: Coke project?

Matt: Yeah, Robin said she e-mailed you about.

Nathan: Really?

Matt: Yeah…you gotta keep up with your emails.

Nathan: Oh, well, this is the first I’m hearing about. To be honest, this is coming at a really bad time. I’m slammed right now.

Matt: Yeah, Robin mentioned that.

Nathan: And I haven’t worked on Coke in almost two years. Do the CDs know I’m working on this?

Matt: Yeah man, we have a check-in with them on Friday.

Nathan: Friday? Dude, I have so much shit to do.

(his partner spoke up)

Mike: Matt. There’s no way. We have a presentation on Friday too. He can’t do both.

Matt: Look. I don’t know what to tell ya. We have a check-in on Friday.

Nathan: And Robin knows about this?

Matt: She’s the one that assigned it.

Nathan: She assigned Nathan G?

Matt: Yeah…Nate.

Nathan: Fuck man, I’m gonna be here all night.

Matt: Yeah I know, because it’s not the simple contest outlined in the brief anymore. I had an idea that makes a bit more complicated – well, much more complicated – but I already ran it by the CDs and they like it so now we have to do it. Oh and we’ll probably have to travel quite a bit.

Nathan: Dude. Really? My wife is going to murder me.

Mike: Matt, Nathan can’t work on this.

Matt: Mike, Nate has to work on this.

Nathan: Fuuuuuck.

Matt: Alright look, we can get someone from studio to sit in while we concept, that way there’ll less back and forth while we iron out the look.

Nathan: Wait, I have to work out the art direction? 

Matt: Yeah…that’s your job…

Nathan: I’m a writer.

Matt: What? I’m a writer. Why would Robin put two writers on this?

Nathan: You know that there’s another Nathan, right? And he’s an art director. And he actually goes by Nate.